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What is Coaching?

  • Coaching is a transformational journey to move confidently towards your personal goals 

  • Coaching is a100% confidential & non-judgemental relationship between your coach and you

  • You are the expert in your life. Coaching helps you to connect to you, your wisdom and take action to create the life you really want

  • Coaching is based on the present and the future

  • Coaching is focused on your strengths not on weaknesses

  • Coaching is a profession on its own, it's not consulting / not advice / not therapy


The next version of yourself

What client say about my coaching

The Process

  • Free introductory session to see if Personal Coaching is the right step for you! There is no obligation to purchase anything and I look forward to our chat!

  • After reflexion you decide to sign the coaching agreement 

  • Session are approximately 60min

  • The termination of the number of sessions is decided upon your demand

  • You decide on your action plan according to your objectives

  • Confidentiality: I am a certified coach following the ICF code of Ethics. 

  • Our starting point: exploration of your actual life situation 

Before we begin the actual coaching, we set short and long term coaching goals. Together, we make the coaching process as successful as possible by first getting to the bottom of your desire to change and discovering what is preventing you from doing so.

I help you gain a deeper understanding of your own behavior. What will make the difference in practice, however, is that you take action once you have gained this knowledge, because change means nothing if it only exists on paper or in your head. You will need the courage to act to make choices and live your life to the fullest. Only then will you know how to make the most of your life and your career. I will only help you start the change.


Limited groups 
  • Presentation on specific subjects in schools or private companies (relocations & internationals companies)
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