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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are around the world!

My name is Florence and I was born in Switzerland, Geneva. Both my parents are Swiss, but at the time they were already expat in Bruxelles, Belgium. Growing up, we moved around a lot living in different countries in Europe. As a student, I chose to study in 3 different countries and at the age of 25 I met my future Austrian husband. Love and curiosity made me to follow him to Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines. Now we have two wonderful children and we are based in Dubai from where my husband commutes to New Delhi during the week. We've been living a "split-family" life for 7 years now. 

So please, don't ask me where I am from. I can tell you where my family is from but as for me I’m a citizen of the world and I wouldn’t change my life for anything!

I am now in my late 40’s but don't feel old despite the many memories of all those years living in so many different countries and experienced so many rich and extraordinary moments.

My curiosity about other cultures led me to meet fantastic people from around the world as expatriation often tightens friendships and creates instant trust. People appreciated how I was able to support them through transition and adapting to a new life and this brought me naturally to an interest in coaching. I realized I wanted to support people in a professional way and coaching allows me to do that.

After two years of study, with the ​International Coach Academy - Coach Training School I graduated from the Advanced Coach Program, having successfully completed 150 hours of formation under the supervision of an International Coach Federation (ICF) trainer. ​International Coach Federation: The Gold Standard in Coaching | ICF


Because of my background and experience, I specialized in coaching women & men in work and life transition. I also work with expat children. I help my clients to clarify their sense of self and life purpose, their goals and to help them adapt to their changing environment and work through life’s challenges. I believe we all have an amazing potential within ourselves, we just need to unleash what we have on our heart and take proactive steps to make our word the world in which we can be the most fulfilled.

What if you could make your dreams your reality?

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