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German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguse 

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“Darling, I have been promoted and they’ve asked us to move abroad!” That’s what I dreamed of: adventure, change, freedom... but now? Really? Right now? I’m not ready, I’m not organized, the kids, me, us, and everything that goes with it... How do I know if this is the right decision? If these questions resonate, this book is for you. While Florence’s experience is as unique as yours is or will be, our questions and fears are often the same. Florence’s personal reflections will guide you and open you to new and different ways of thinking and acting for your life abroad.
My name is Florence Reisch-Gentinetta I am a serial expat currently living in Dubai. Originally from Switzerland, I have lived around the world for the last 25 years. My empathy for people and my curiosity about the world led me to a very unique expatriation experience that I wanted to share in my first book: "Expat Wife, Happy Life! The Journey of a Serial Expat". 


Flo is one of those people everybody likes and it's because of her attitude. Attitude is everything and in this book Flo will share her lessons learnt and help you have a positive, curious and "can-do" attitude which will enrich your expat life. I would recommend this book to all future and current expats.

Nanette Zwaan, Development Manager in the Arts and Cultural Sector

This book is... a gift about Florence's experience based on real facts about how to turn something hard and difficult into something wonderful. It's all the author's authentic attitude with a touch of curiosity. Florence takes us on a trip around the world. After reading it, I wish I could fly all over the world. Thank you for your happiness Florence!!!

Monica Hernàndez, Mexican, Ironman and mother of five 

Florence paints the expat life in glorious colour with her vast number of experiences and insights. For anyone curious about expat life, this book will not only show you the possibilities but also help you to reflect on whether it is the right choice for you. 

Jane  Saddler, life coach, teacher and mother of three

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