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Serial Expat Releases New Book About The Unique Wonders and Challenges of Expat Life

A study by market research company Finnacord, predicts that there are currently around 87.5 million expatriates living around the world. This includes international students, those living abroad for work and those who simply choose to live outside their country of birth.

It’s no secret that the expat life is an exciting one, full of new opportunities, culture and people, but it also presents a broad and unique set of challenges for those who choose it. In her new book, Expat Wife, Happy Life Florence Reisch-Gentinetta discusses topics that every expat can relate to, offering readers guidance, empathy and support for their own expat journeys.

Originally from Switzerland, Florence is a serial expat and has spent the last 25 years living across five different continents. During that time she has called Benin, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines home, raising a family and making a fresh start in each new location. In 2016, she settled in Dubai, where she is still currently based. Florence is also a certified life coach, with a special focus on fellow expats.

There is no shortage of books about expatriation, or traveling abroad, but Expat Wife, Happy Life is not just another what-to-do list or travel guide. Instead, Florence writes about expat life thematically, leading with the type of stories and feelings that all expats can identify with, regardless of their own specific circumstances or location.

Expat Wife, Happy Life is an in-depth examination of the unique challenges of making a life and working abroad. Covering both the physical and emotional journeys expats undertake, and not shying away from difficult topics, it discusses how to adapt to and embrace unfamiliar places whilst still preserving what is important. It ensures that the idea of expatriation, which can seem elusive, is accessible to everybody, transforming the unknown into a chance for new opportunities.

Talking from the first-hand perspective of an expat, but also a wife and mother, Florence produces a unique and authentic insight into the role of women within expatriation, their individual strengths and ability to adapt and thrive.

In Expat Wife, Happy Life, Florence delves into the complexities of family life, the importance of communicating effectively with your partner and navigating how to raise third culture children. She explores how readers can stay connected to themselves when the people, culture and places around them are in a constant flux. And she illustrates the wonders that expat life can bring: meeting fascinating people, celebrating diversity, learning new languages, and cultivating an open mind.

Amidst personal stories, and some tips for fellow or aspiring expats, Expat Wife, Happy Life incorporates Florence’s coaching expertise with short, powerful questions to invite the reader to reflect on their own life as an expat, or potential expat.

Sold on both Amazon and in other bookstores, Expat Wife, Happy Life is the perfect read for current expats, but also anyone who is interested in a life beyond their native country. Balancing empathy, self-reflection and a curiosity for the world, it brings the reader both closer to themselves and every person around them.

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