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Extremely excited to announce my first book
"Expat Wife, Happy Life! The Journey of a Serial expat"
Available on Amazon & more booksellers. 
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Free delivery in Dubai

Whatsapp me for more info 


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Florence Reisch - Gentinetta
Life coach / Expat coach

Clear Beliefs coach
Certified Coach for Men,Women and Kids in Global Transition 
(Bilingual French & English)

Unleash your full potential

If you and your family are looking for a smoothly transition into a new culture, country or situation...

If you and your children have moved in a new country and need to adapt to a new culture.... 

If you're wondering what you want to do next...

If your are thinking of a new career...

If you have a Third Culture Kid facing issues due to the move...

If you need help to make decision or changes....


My responsibility

I will listen to your ideas and your emotions in order to understand what is it you're really saying to me.

I will stay truly objective, authentic, non-judgemental and curious without any expectations in order to move in whatever direction is needed.

I will focus on YOU. 

I truly believe that all answers are in yourself.

Coffee With an Expat

I am also very happy to be part of "Coffee With An Expat", a community where you meet inspiring expats women who are facing the challenges and embracing the opportunities that particular life brings us. As expat I believe it's crucial to find a community that can help you through these transitions. 

Meet you there:

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