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Extremely excited to announce my first book
"Expat Wife, Happy Life! The Journey of a Serial expat"
Available on Amazon & more booksellers. 
Now available in 6 languages
Florence Reisch promoting her new book "Expat Wife, Happy Life!"

Paperback Free delivery in Dubai

Whatsapp me for more info 


The book cover of "Expat Wife, Happy Life!" written by Florence Reisch-Gentinetta

And now available online in 6 languages

The book cover of "Esposa Expatriada, Vida Feliz" which is the Spanish version of "Expat Wife, Happy Life!" Florence Reisch's first book.
The book cover of "Mein Glückliches Leben als Expat Frau" which is the German version of "Expat Wife, Happy Life!" Florence Reisch's first book.



The book cover of "Essere Felici All Estero" which is the italian version of "Expat Wife, Happy Life!" Florence Reisch's first book.


The book cover of "Esposa Expatriada, Vida Realizada" which is the Portuguese version of "Expat Wife, Happy Life!" Florence Reisch's first book


The book cover of "S'épanouir en expatriation" which is the French version of "Expat Wife, Happy Life!" Florence Reisch's first book.


Your coach in a book! It covers both the psychological and practical aspects of all phases of expatriation. An energy and positive attitude booster. Advice, anecdotes and real coaching questions to inspire, reassure and support you, whether you're a young expat or an experienced one.  

Florence Reisch's black and white portrait.
Logo Coaching with the Flo
ICF Diploma
The associate certified coach acc diploma
Clear your Beliefs's diploma
International Coach Academy
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ICA Diploma
Clear your belief diploma
Florence Reisch - Gentinetta
Life coach / Expat coach

Clear Beliefs coach
Certified Coach for Men,Women and Kids in Global Transition 
(Bilingual French & English)

Unleash your full potential

If you and your family are looking for a smoothly transition into a new culture, country or situation...

If you and your children have moved in a new country and need to adapt to a new culture.... 

If you're wondering what you want to do next...

If your are thinking of a new career...

If you have a Third Culture Kid facing issues due to the move...

If you need help to make decision or changes....


My responsibility

I will listen to your ideas and your emotions in order to understand what is it you're really saying to me.

I will stay truly objective, authentic, non-judgemental and curious without any expectations in order to move in whatever direction is needed.

I will focus on YOU. 

I truly believe that all answers are in yourself.

Coffee With an Expat

I am also very grateful to be part of "Coffee With An Expat", a community where you meet inspiring expats women who are facing the challenges and embracing the opportunities that particular life brings us. As expat I believe it's crucial to find a community that can help you through these transitions. 

Meet you there:

Testimonial from the founder of Coffee With an Expat
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